Open Source

  • 本数据库仅支持学术研究,未经允许禁止商用。
  • 邮箱务必使用学校、研究机构的官方邮箱,公共服务邮箱(例如,qq.com或者不予接收。
  • 申请者无权在任何情况下发布、转发、展示、复制、重新分发本数据库。
  • This database can ONLY be used for research purposes. Any commercial usage is not allowed.
  • Email must be sent out from an official institutional or company email address,; public email address (e.g.,, or is not accepted.
  • Applicant has no rights to publish, retransmit, disclose, display, copy, reproduce or redistribute the database or part of the database, under any condition.
Please contact e-mail if you have any queries.